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A note from the Managing Director

Helen Wilson I am proud to have been associated with most of my clients for many years, some as long as 16 years.

I have had experience in placing candidates from South Africa with companies who work in China, America, UK, Germany, Dubai, Switzerland, Mauritius and Singapore.

My strength lies in the fact that I am not over-subscribed and I am able to partner my clients by giving them 100% attention and providing them with all their recruitment needs from A to Z. Over the years I have gained integral knowledge of the various cultures, personalities and management styles of line managers and their unique needs and preferences.

Because I only have a handful of clients in disparate areas, I am able to cherry pick from the competitors, if and when necessary, without compromising my loyalty.

I try to be fully up to date with my clients and their competitors in the market and make it my business to track trends and other relevant information. This is invaluable to me when it comes to finding applicants as it is all in the timing when it comes to sourcing good talent.

I network with employees and constantly get referrals from satisfied clients and applicants. I source information from applicants that I have placed who are often able to share information on other equally good candidates once they have left their previous employer. I also glean information from websites, magazines and newspapers and online recruitment databases and have built up my own database of excellent generic applicants whom I know my clients could use in the future.

I pride myself in providing exceptional service, as the success of your company is MY success.

My unique selling proposition is that I do not charge any fee upfront for my services and clients only have to pay me once I have found the ideal candidate and they have started working . This is the case for both targeted recruitment and headhunting.

I have recruitment experience across a broad range of industries and insight into trends in the market and who is who in the industry. I have successfully completed a number of senior placements with international companies sourcing applicants both from South Africa and abroad.

I have great integrity. I would rather NOT place an applicant if there were a shadow of a doubt on your side. My reputation is all I have. I will complete as many checks and references as the role requires e.g. references, ITC, criminal and qualification checks.

I am very loyal and honest and have my clients' interests at heart.

I can add value wherever I see you have a need. I will gladly step in and assist if you have a backlog or require an informal salary survey or provide research etc.

I am thorough and have good attention to detail and take pride in my work. I am also tenacious and will not give up or leave one stone unturned.

My consultants are all professionals in their field and are trained and highly competent in their own rights.

We all love what we do and together the team at HWR is able to provide a personalized efficient service to meet our clients' staffing needs.

We enjoy opportunities to be evaluated and welcome constructive criticism and communication as to how we can improve upon our service offerings.

For Career Seekers

Please click onto the link below which will take you to a list and description of all our current job specs. If you think you are suitable in terms of your experience and qualifications please send us your CV.

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For Employers

Helen Wilson Recruitment is able to assist a select group of clients with all of their recruitment needs including executive search, contingency based recruitment and response handling. As we are an independent niche market agency we are able to recruit at all levels from CEO to PA and still provide the client with a unique and individual service. We pride ourselves on our reputation for honesty and integrity and have been associated with many of our clients for over ten years.